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Behavior Disorder Treatment

Treatment for behavior disorders may be different than you think. Learn about different behavior disorder treatment methods. Get information on medications, therapy, and more on behavior disorder treatment in this article.

Medications:  It is not very often that medication is used solely to treat a behavior issue.  If the behavior presents with other problems such as excessive fears or compulsions, anxiety, or other problems medication may be prescribed.  One study by Dr. Tolin, PhD with the Institute of Living shows that D-cycloserine (an antibiotic, often used in the treatment for tuberculosis) in conjunction with behavior therapy promotes rapid results.  The patients who took the medicine and participated in behavior therapy had their symptoms go from moderate to mild within weeks.  The lasting effect of this outcome is unknown.

Another medication that has been used in conjunction with behavior therapy for behavior disorder treatment is fluoxetine (an anti-depressant).  Please note that only your physician or a mental health professional can know if you should use these medications.

Therapy:  Parental training is the most common therapy used for overcoming most behavior disorders.  Parents are re-trained on how to parent while addressing the needs of the child.  Most times the parents are told that families need a routine that is predictable, rules and consequences that are consistently used, and a focus on what the child does right as part of the behavior disorder treatment.  The parent is also trained to not become emotional when dealing with disruptive behaviors.

Outpatient/inpatient services:  Depending on the needs of the child your health care professional may suggest outpatient therapy on a regular basis for the child and/or parents.  If the child is having severe problems your doctor may suggest an inpatient type of behavior disorder treatment.  This may be suggested in the form of a boarding school or any organization trained to deal with these disorders.  These schools/programs are generally used only when a parent has exhausted all other resources.

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