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Specialty Schools for Teens

Get help for a troubled teen at specialty schools for teens, like a  boarding school or a residential treatment center. These options can help teens with a behavior disorder, conduct disorder, or other troubled teen issues.

We have compiled a list of some boarding schools that may interest you if you have a child struggling with behavior disorders.  These specialty schools for teens can be a lifesaver for parents who have tried other avenues but are still not getting results.  There are cases where children need professional care that is intense and 24/7.  We hope that this list helps you find the right specialty school for a teen in need.

Red Rock Canyon School - "Our youth treatment center helps each struggling teen in our center find the worth and value in themselves.  The Therapy program at Red Rock Canyon School is designed to help each struggling teen identify their problem behaviors and build on their internal strengths."  For more information about this specialty school for teens please contact 1-800-635-4441.

Silverado Boys Ranch - "The program at SBR is designed to integrate real world life skills and enhance self-esteem through a combination of therapy, stellar academics, and healthy relationships.  Through its innovative program, setting, and staff, SBR helps young men succeed in school, at home, and in their community."  For more information about this specialty school for teen boys please contact 1-435-676-8482.

Devereux Kanner "Kanner's home-like settings provide opportunities for students to learn a wide variety of skills, ranging from basic self-care skills to independent community access.  The CABD Program offers a wide range of programming options.  Residents in some homes may be working on basic anger management and self-care skills, while other are obtaining training that will allow them to independently maintain a household and gain self-supporting community employment."  Fore more information on specialty schools for teens please call 1-610-431-8100.

The Baby Fold - "The Residential Treatment Center is a mental health treatment program for children ages three through thirteen with severe emotional and behavioral disorders who cannot be treated successfully in a less structured setting." For more information please contact 1-309-454-1770.

For more information on residential treatment centers or programs for troubled teens - visit familyfirstaid.org

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