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Depression and Behavior Disorders

Depression and behavior disoreders, find out how behavior disorders affect depression statistics. Learn when to get help for those with a behavior disorder and are depressed.

So often behavior disorders are hard to diagnose.  This can be because the symptoms can overlap into multiple behavior disorders and depression symptoms as well.  For most disorders there is not a fool proof test for each specific one.  It is important then to realize that one disorder can lead into problems in other areas.  Here we will take a brief look at how depression and behavior disorders can go hand in hand.

According to Eric J. Mash and Russell A. Barkley in the book "Child Psychopathology" the authors note that there are major gender differences in these behavior disorders.  Mash and Barkley explain that depressed girls are more likely to have anxiety disorders while depressed boys are more likely to have disruptive behavior disorders.  The authors also note that depression generally follows behavior disorders.  This stands to reason if you put yourself into the mind of someone with a lack of control and/or training over their urges and behaviors.  All behavior has consequences.  Some are obvious and then there are the consequences of guilt, shame and other things that most people are not outwardly be aware of.  These feelings can definitely bring on depression in any individual so it stands to reason that depression and behavior disorders often go hand in hand.

Warning signs to look for in depression and behavior disorders:

  • poor self image
  • negativity
  • problems with sleep
  • school problems, truancy
  • withdrawal from family and social functions
  • a non-caring attitude

At the first sign of depression it is important to see a doctor.  You can then discuss what treatment options are available to you or your child.

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